Infor Fashion PLM helps streamline the Fashion Supply Chain

Infor has introduced Infor Fashion PLM to help brands, manufacturers and private retailers effortlessly link the important areas of the supply chain of their fashion business – starting from planning, designing and developing a line to handling sourcing, manufacturing, inventory management, customers and distribution. Infor Fashion PLM is a vital component of Infor Fashion, which is considered to be one of the most comprehensive fashion solutions available in the market today. The new solution helps to simplify the planning process besides providing support for the new product design workflow and development cycle. The intuitive interface of the solution allows users to access each collection, style and its components quickly using specific processes. What’s New? Infor Fashion PLM has been designed to address the specific needs of the fashion industry. It helps users develop and plan lines and collections easily through: Enhanced user experience that provides a relevant and enjoyable GUI designed by Hook & Loop An innovative way of working using the natural workflow Processes that have been specifically designed for each role Facilitating planning and concurrent execution Automating repetitive tasks Improving team work through collaboration An easy to adapt solution that allows for quick adoption What makes It Effective? …..Read More

Wholesale Distributors can now get onto the Infor CloudSuite

The recent announcement by Infor about the availability of CloudSuite for Wholesale Distribution is part of the company’s efforts towards rapid acceleration of migration of its on-premise applications to the Cloud. With this latest addition, Infor CloudSuite now comprises of 14 separate micro-verticals that its customer base can access on the Cloud. Infor has been strategically pushing customers to migrate to the cloud as quickly as possible so that the revenues from CloudSuite will soon start to be a significant chunk of Infor’s revenue. The availability of Enterprise Distribution and Wholesale Distribution is a step towards giving customers an incentive to migrate to the Cloud. In a recent statement, Charles Phillips announced that he wanted over 50 per cent of the company’s revenue in 2016 to come from cloud based applications. However, the company does not view their strategy as an attempt to force customers to move to the Cloud. Rather, the availability of CloudSuite products gives customers the flexibility of migrating their applications to the Cloud as there are advantages in doing so. Although in comparison to other micro-verticals, Wholesale Distribution is one of the later ones to join the CloudSuite, companies can experience several advantages of using Infor …..Read More


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