Accuracy is vital to successful data migration, whether it’s for moving to the cloud or an on-premise solution. Most companies don’t give much importance to the process, but they also don’t regularly perform data migration. As a result, they don’t have a systematic methodology for the process and often lack a skilled team with experience in successful data migration projects. Well-managed data migration not only ensures on-time implementation, but also provides for better data management in the future.


Data migration comes with several hidden costs and risks. Getting your in-house team to perform it is not advisable if they are unfamiliar with the process as they might use inefficient processes that prove costly in the long term. Using Infor experts can keep costs and risks at the lowest possible level. Sama’s Infor Data Migration Services work out more cost effective, increasing overall efficiency and bringing better long term results for your company.

Our Infor experts have years of experience as well as in-depth knowledge of the tools, techniques and processes required for successful implementations.


On the face of it, do-it-yourself data migration might seem cost effective, but often its result might not be clear until it’s too late to rectify. Among the common problems of in-house migrations are go-live delays and production problems due to inefficient data migration processes. Instead of gambling on the outcome of a critical software implementation, use Sama’s Infor Data Migration Services to increase the success of implementation, reduce the costs resulting from errors and build a strong foundation for future migration.


Successful software implementation is vital to your company’s long-term growth. With the guidance of experts who follow a structured approach to execute your data migration, you can be assured of a higher standard of data quality and data management, leading to success due to improved efficiencies and better results.


  • Reduce overall cost
  • Decrease project risk
  • Improve data quality
  • Avoid business disruption
  • Ensure on-time project delivery


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