Aerospace & Defense

Sama offers custom A&D solutions for efficient management of ETO operations, advanced supply chain, compliance, and product innovation. Streamline processes, optimize performance, and gain visibility with our comprehensive solutions. Enhance service operations, track parts replacements, and ensure regulatory compliance. Stay secure with vigilant cybersecurity. Flexible deployment options for scalability and flexibility.

Aerospace & Defense

Empower Your A&D Success with Sama’s Custom Solutions

Top A&D Companies Rely on Sama

Sama offers custom solutions designed specifically for A&D manufacturers to meet their strict requirements. Our expertise enables efficient management of ETO operations, advanced supply chain management, and tracking of replacement parts and tools for aftermarket service. We understand the industry’s complexities and ensure compliance, while also streamlining operations and maintaining high levels of security.

Streamline Complex Contract Processes

Efficiently manage contract and project lifecycles to optimize performance and revenue recognition. Our solutions simplify complex processes of bidding, contracting, execution, and compliance. Manage multiple contracts, including cost-plus and revenue recognition methods, with linked work breakdown structures. Our expertise ensures compliance with CAS and global trade regulations, while maximizing performance through CLIN definition and contract flow-downs. Gain visibility of project management throughout the contract lifecycle with our comprehensive contract and project management solutions.

Maximize Service Division Profitability

Our digital solutions optimize service and MRO operations, utilizing data insights to improve efficiency and reduce resolution time. Track service history and parts replacements, complying with regulations and ensuring reliability. Our tailored solutions strategically manages SRO operations for profitability and analyzes service requirements to anticipate preventive maintenance needs. Maintain optimal replacement part inventory to resolve service requests quickly. Manage depot repair and field service resource planning, scheduling technicians with the right skills. Our solutions support Non-Conformance Material Reports, FRACAS, first article inspection, and Certificates of Conformity, providing a comprehensive solution for service and MRO operations.

Tackle your Most Critical Challenges

At Sama, we offer Infor solutions that are tailored to encourage product innovation, align your business with specific customer needs, and provide the flexibility to anticipate and quickly respond to market disruptions. Our preconfigured solutions are designed to simplify the complexities of mixed-mode manufacturing and optimize performance. By partnering with us, we can help you streamline your business processes and achieve your goals efficiently.

Simplify Supply Chain Processes

Achieve efficient program and project execution and gain control over multi-tiered supply chains with our robust solutions. Respond quickly to supply chain shortages and stay ahead of the competition with our agile solutions. Group material planning and co-mingle project demands, while managing product lifecycles and detailed embedded estimation. Our custom solutions track compliant project costing through pegging and unbiased algorithms, ensuring optimal performance and profitability. Efficient shop floor automation based on data insights is enabled, providing valuable business intelligence for decision-making.

Stay Compliant & Secure

Our A&D specific solutions take into account the nuances of the industry specific compliance and regulatory guidelines, helping you adhere to, track, and audit stringent quality control, regulatory compliance, and cybersecurity requirements. With our custom solutions, you can maintain vigilant cybersecurity for all solutions and applications, ensuring the highest levels of protection for your business.
Our solutions can be deployed in the AWS® GovCloud or on-premises, providing flexibility and scalability to meet your needs.