Infor LN Consulting Services

Power your complex business operations with our specialized Infor LN services.

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Infor LN Consulting Services

Helping businesses adapt to evolving market needs while gaining a competitive advantage.

Infor LN Implementation

At Sama, our seasoned Infor LN functional and technical consultants leverage both out-of-the-box and custom proprietary solutions to empower businesses in achieving their Infor implementation objectives within realistic timeframes and budgets. With our carefully crafted strategy, we guarantee minimal business disruption throughout the implementation process.

Infor LN Customization

Sama's team of expert Infor LN consultants collaborates with your in-house team to customize various functions and features to precisely align with your objectives. This collaborative approach ensures that you retain full control over your Infor LN operations while leveraging our expertise to optimize efficiency and effectiveness.

Infor Data Migration

We understand that effective data migration is crucial for the success of your Infor LN implementation or upgrade. Sama's data migration strategies ensure high levels of data accuracy, reduced effort, and minimize human errors. Our Infor associate consultants also work on various other crucial aspects, including data scrubbing and cleansing.

Infor LN Support Services

Sama's specialized team of Infor LN experts offers comprehensive technical and functional support around the clock for our business clients. Whether it's tackling technical glitches or optimizing business performance, our dedicated Infor consulting team is readily available to assist. We excel in diagnosing and resolving Infor-related issues swiftly and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.

Integrations – Infor ION

Sama's team of Infor OS/ION consultants specializes in facilitating seamless integration with third-party systems. Our comprehensive services encompass Infor OS/ION installation, configuration, development, maintenance, and support of various integrations. Additionally, we conduct thorough functionality and performance tests to ensure that expected results are consistently achieved.

Infor Archiving

Our Infor LN Archiving services streamline data lifecycle management within Infor LN, reducing database size, boosting performance, and ensuring compliance by securely archiving historical data. This approach enables faster access to current data, reduces storage costs, and optimizes the Infor LN environment, while safeguarding archived data integrity for future use.

Featured Clients

Hire seasoned Infor LN Consultants

Sama has made notable strides in the field of Infor LN / Baan consulting across the globe. Our proficient Infor team has established partnerships with companies operating in various industry verticals including:

  • Automotive
  • Construction/Engineering
  • CPG/Retail
  • Distribution
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Aerospace/Defense
  • High Tech/Electronics
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Logistics Service Providers

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Upgrade your ERP with Sama's Infor Consulting Services

Is your current ERP hindering your business growth? With Sama's Infor Consulting Services, you can propel your business operations to new heights.

We prioritize seamless and efficient Infor upgrades. Our team offers comprehensive support, from initial preparation to implementation, and ongoing training and support.

Our tailored approach ensures smooth progress and adherence to budgetary constraints. We proactively address data migration challenges, safeguarding the continuity of your manufacturing operations.

Don’t settle for an outdated ERP system. Schedule a consultation with our team of Infor ERP consultants to address your ever-evolving business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sama’s Infor LN consultants provide a range of services to assist clients in optimizing their Infor LN implementation and usage.

  • Implementation: The Sama team can guide clients through the entire implementation process, from initial planning and setup to configuration and deployment, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition to the new system.
  • Customization: We tailor Infor LN solutions to meet the specific needs and objectives of the business, ensuring that the system aligns closely with the company’s workflows and processes.
  • Support: We offer ongoing support and troubleshooting assistance to address any issues or challenges that arise post-implementation, ensuring the continued smooth operation of the Infor LN landscape.
  • Training: They provide comprehensive training to both key and end users, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively utilize Infor LN to its fullest potential.
  • Optimization: We can continually assess and optimize the performance of Infor LN, identifying areas for improvement and implementing enhancements to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Overall, Sama’s consultants will serve as trusted advisors, collaborating closely with you and your team to ensure your company derives maximum value from its Infor LN investments.

Sama provides a range of specific services for Infor LN, including:

  • Infor LN implementation
  • Infor LN customization
  • Infor LN data migration and upgradation
  • Infor LN managed services
  • Infor ION integration services
  • Infor recruitment services

Maximize the value of your Infor LN investments.

Fret not. Sama provides technical and functional Infor LN support, 24/7.
Our help desk offers dedicated services, assisting businesses in running Infor without any downtime.

Our Infor LN support includes:

  • Technical Support: Assistance with technical issues, troubleshooting, and resolving system errors or malfunctions.
  • Functional Support: Guidance on using Infor LN features and functionalities effectively to meet business needs.
  • Customization Support: Tailoring Infor LN solutions to align with specific business processes and requirements.
  • Upgrade Support: Assistance with upgrading Infor LN to newer versions, including planning, testing, and implementation.
  • Integration Support: Help with integrating Infor LN with other systems and applications to ensure seamless data flow.
  • Training: Providing training sessions for users to enhance their skills and proficiency in using Infor LN.
  • Performance Monitoring: Monitoring the performance of Infor LN systems and proactively addressing any issues to ensure optimal performance.
  • Data Management: Support in managing and maintaining data within the Infor LN system, including data migration and cleanup.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring that Infor LN systems comply with relevant regulations and standards applicable to the business.

These services aim to ensure that businesses can effectively leverage Infor LN to drive their operations efficiently and achieve their business objectives.

Infor offers a suite of powerful enterprise solutions that help companies simplify complex processes and gain a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced business environment.

As a world-class Infor consultancy, we have in-depth information about various Infor products, including

  • Infor CloudSuite
  • Infor LN
  • Baan IV, Baan V
  • Infor OS / ION
  • Ming.le
  • Infor Birst
  • Factory Track
  • Infor PLM / Optiva
  • Infor EAM
  • Infor CPQ
  • Infor M3
  • Infor EDI

We will collaborate closely with your team, investing the necessary time to fully grasp your unique business requirements, challenges, and objectives. With a deep understanding of your specific needs, we can then offer personalized recommendations and solutions that perfectly align with your goals and aspirations.

Infor upgrades sound expensive, but not always.

At Sama, we provide cost-effective solutions to upgrade your Infor LN instances. Our Infor LN consultants ensure your Infor systems are updated and perform as expected. All that without disrupting your business operations.

Infor upgrades influence far-reaching results, including streamlining business processes, boosting productivity, and offering access to new markets easily.

At Sama Consulting, we provide consultants at various levels of expertise, ranging from entry-level to architect-level professionals, ensuring that we match your business needs with the appropriate level of experience and skill set.

  • Infor Associate Consultant: Entry-level consultants who assist with tasks under the guidance of more experienced consultants.
  • Infor Consultant: Mid-level professionals with a few years of experience in Infor consulting. They are capable of handling certain project tasks independently and may also lead small project components under supervision.
  • Senior Infor Consultant: Experienced professionals with a deep understanding of Infor’s suite of products. They often lead project teams, provide guidance to junior consultants, and interface directly with clients to understand their requirements and provide solutions.
  • Principal Infor Consultant: Seasoned Infor professionals who have demonstrated expertise in specific areas of Infor consulting. They are responsible for overseeing complex projects, developing strategies, and providing thought leadership within the organization.