Industrial Manufacturing

Accelerate innovation with Sama’s Infor specific custom solutions. Streamline configurations, meet customer needs, and optimize supply chain visibility. Scalable and secure platform for industry-specific functionality. Drive productivity, quality, and cost reduction in manufacturing.

Industrial Manufacturing

Unlock Growth Potential with Sama’s Innovative Infor Solutions

Optimize your Supply Chain

Gain end-to-end supply chain visibility and leverage collaborative communication to increase efficiencies with our Infor specific custom solutions. Our solutions will enablesyou to optimize sales and operations planning, ensuring that you are meeting customer demand while minimizing costs.

Unique Product & Customer Experience

Manage strategic configurations and accelerate product innovation with Infor’s software solutions. Leverage PLM capabilities with embedded regulatory, quality, and supply chain impact analysis, enabling you to bring innovative products to market quickly and efficiently. Facilitate customer communication with configure, price, quote capabilities, ensuring that you are delivering products that meet their specific needs.

Simplify Operations

Facilitate productivity, planning, and production to improve quality while reducing costs with our custom Infor solutions. Our solutions support multiple manufacturing models, including ETO, CTO, and repetitive manufacturing, enabling you to meet the needs of your customers and optimize production.

Leverage Digital Transformation

Leverage our deep industry-specific functionality on a scalable and secure platform with configurable extensions and personalization, avoiding the need for costly and time-consuming customizations. Experience new levels of flexibility, agility, and availability with our custom solutions enabling you to integrate IoT, AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics capabilities, helping you make better decisions and drive business performance.