Stay competitive in the rapidly changing automotive industry with Sama’s custom Infor solutions. Adapt to industry trends, optimize processes, and collaborate seamlessly with customers and suppliers. Our expertise and advanced analytics enable you to become a market leader, while efficiently managing your complex supply chain.


Driving Success in Auto Industry Transformation with Sama’s Custom Solutions

Embrace Auto Industry Transformation

With the automotive industry rapidly changing, OEMs and suppliers need to adapt to stay competitive. Our custom solutions provide insights and strategic risk analysis to help your organization thrive in this evolving landscape. Streamline end-to-end processes with our Infor solutions, from customer alignment to proactive supply chain management, giving you the tools you need to stay ahead. By leveraging data-driven decisions, you can make informed choices that position your organization for success in the automotive industry. Let us help you adapt carefully and succeed in the face of industry changes.

Keep up with the Industry Trends

Adapting to new trends is crucial for success in today’s business landscape. By embracing innovative technology solutions, organizations can stay ahead of the curve. Our custom solutions enable your team to maintain order, prioritize tasks, and improve efficiency on the complex shop floor. With enhanced visibility, you can optimize R&D and product launch processes, ensure regulatory compliance, and manage product introductions. Our solutions also facilitate RFQ response, efficient quality control, and control over APQP, MMOG, and revision control processes. Stay competitive by adapting to change with our solutions.

Enable Seamless Collaboration with Customers & Suppliers

Collaborate efficiently on complex project details using our secure solutions to accelerate your organization’s product development. Partner with suppliers and customers to share data and design concepts, and safely exchange information through EDIs with contractors and suppliers.

Move to the Forefront of your Industry

Sama’s industry-specific expertise can help you become a market leader by focusing on growth opportunities and the future. Our Infor OS solutions offer advanced analytics with AI and ML, providing accurate and holistic business insights. Role-based dashboards and easily consumable data empower informed decision-making. Our custom solutions offer flexibility to adapt to your organization. By leveraging IoT technologies, sensors, and machine-to-machine connectivity, you can improve operational efficiencies and gain a competitive edge. With Sama’s solutions, you can lead your market and drive growth.

Efficiently Manage Complex Supply Chains

Efficiently optimize your automotive supply chain with Sama’s Infor solutions. Gain visibility and control to meet industry demands and manage operations effectively. Our advanced analytics allow you to project outcomes and risks, optimize inventory levels, and plan for multi-site, multi-logistics inventory. With global visibility of your supply chain, you can improve S&OP and supply chain planning. Track items by lot and serial number for better traceability and quality control. Automate and streamline procurement processes for increased efficiency and reduced errors. Our solutions ensure ease of Compliance for quality and risk management.