Construction & Engineering

Gain project visibility and control, optimize execution and resources. Ensure quality with automated QA assessments. Simplify the supply chain with streamlined processes. Utilize engineer-to-order functionality for optimized delivery and inventory control. Leverage Sama’s expertise to boost contract and project profitability.

Construction & Engineering

Elevate Construction Management: Sama’s Last-Mile Solutions for Digital Transformation

Maximize Contract & Project Profitability

Gain complete project visibility and control with our integrated solutions. Optimize execution and productivity with detailed planning and resource management. Make informed decisions with cost and revenue forecasting. Streamline processes with advanced scheduling, collaboration, and analytics. Achieve project goals confidently and precisely.

Ensure High Quality Products & Services

Infor-specific services help you ensure the quality of goods received and timely delivery of products to customers. Use automated QA assessments and proactive notifications to minimize errors and avoid delays. Embedded configuration management confirms service maintenance requirements, ensuring services are delivered as promised.

Simplify your Supply Chain

With our tailored Infor solutions, ensure strong program and project execution while maintaining control. Benefit from streamlined bidding and budget preparation with embedded estimation capabilities, allowing for quick and accurate cost estimates. Achieve maximum buying efficiencies and cost savings with advanced procurement processes.

Leverage Integration ETO Solutions

Take advantage of our custom Infor’s solutions which offer an integrated engineer-to-order (ETO) functionality to optimize project delivery. Plan and prepare production orders as part of the overall project delivery process, ensuring that manufacturing is aligned with project timelines. Maximize inventory utilization, reduce waste, and cut costs with effective inventory control.