CPG / Retail

Sama empowers retail businesses with custom solutions for enhanced financial performance, transformed experiences, efficient inventory management, and seamless e-commerce capabilities. Let Sama revolutionize your retail business with custom solutions for enhanced financial performance, transformed experiences, and efficient operations.

CPG / Retail

Transforming Retail: Empowering Success with Sama’s Custom Solutions

Up your E-commerce Game

Transform your e-commerce experience with Sama’s unified solution that provides a seamless connection between your front-end and back-end systems. With a single source of customer, order, and inventory data, you can offer a more personalized and engaging shopping experience. Increase conversions with flexible promotions and relevant product recommendations based on browsing behavior and best-sellers. Boost customer satisfaction by providing easy access to account management, order tracking, return requests, and inquiries. Plus, with responsive design, your website automatically adjusts to different screen sizes and capabilities for any device.

Financial & Operational Excellence

Gain real-time access to the financial and operational performance of your retail business across all store locations, marketplaces, and ecommerce platforms with Sama’s proven tailored solutions. Automate transaction flow and reduce manual data entry to eliminate errors and improve time to value, while maintaining compliance with applicable accounting standards and enabling audit trails. With improved insight into your numbers, you can understand profitability and grow your business, while managing risk and compliance.

Transform Instore Experience

Transform your in-store retail experience with Sama’s In-Store POS solutions. Empower sales associates to provide personalized customer service anywhere in the store with a mobile POS device that accelerates transactions. Access customer insights to offer personalized recommendations and provide cross-channel fulfillment options like buy online pickup in store or buy online return in store. Increase profitability with an ‘endless aisle’ of goods to save sales and offer more product choices. Automate transaction flow to reduce errors and improve efficiency while maintaining compliance with applicable accounting standards. Gain real-time insights for profitable growth in retail business.

Efficient Inventory Management

Sama’s Inventory Management customizations help you optimize inventory levels, reduce handling costs, and ensure timely delivery to customers. You can centrally manage inventory across multiple locations and sales channels, and leverage demand-based planning to avoid stockouts and overstocking. With real-time visibility into inventory levels, you can reduce unplanned replenishment costs and decrease the number of times items are physically moved in the warehouse. By improving inventory management, you can increase profitability and minimize discounting and write-offs for slow-moving or obsolete inventory.