Heavy Equipment

Optimize sales, service, and spare parts management for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction. From accurate pricing guidance to predictive maintenance and streamlined supply chain collaboration, our tailored solutions empower equipment businesses to achieve their goals and build lasting relationships.

Heavy Equipment

Empowering Equipment Industry Success with Sama’s Trusted Solutions

Enhance Sales Agility

Maximize the efficiency of your sales, rental, leasing, and service processes while minimizing risk. Use our tools to provide accurate and consistent pricing guidance for spare parts, enable real-time asset tracking, and streamline complex equipment quotes and configurations. With our help, you can maximize the profitability of quotations and fulfillment of agreements, and improve cash flow management through greater visibility. Let us help you optimize your operations and achieve your goals.

Improve Efficiency of MRO Services

Our solutions help businesses build profitable and long-lasting relationships with their customers through every service interaction. We minimize equipment downtime through our field and shop service offerings, providing a holistic view of all customer-facing processes. Efficiently managing full-service contracts from opportunity to delivery and prioritizing first-time-fix (FTF) repairs enables faster resolution. With our predictive maintenance capabilities through connected equipment and AI, businesses can proactively identify and address equipment issues before they become major problems. This comprehensive approach maximizes equipment uptime and ensures customer satisfaction, resulting in increased profitability and customer loyalty.

Supply Chain Optimization

Our tailored solutions are designed to enhance spare parts management and supply chain collaboration, reducing waste and improving efficiency. We streamline spare parts logistics and inventory deployment, efficiently manage parts exchanges, and leverage demand forecasting and planning to optimize inventory levels. Through collaboration with partners and suppliers, we help achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility. Our solutions also reduce excess inventory and minimize warehousing and handling costs.

Maximize Equipment Performance

At Sama, we understand the importance of maximizing equipment availability and utilization for equipment OEMs, dealers, rental specialists, and service organizations. With our expertise in Infor solutions, we help our clients achieve this through various methods, including:

  • Matching the right equipment with customer needs to improve
    equipment utilization.
  • Balancing equipment utilization with service and maintenance
    needs for optimal performance.
  • Providing complete visibility into inventory networks to ensure
    equipment availability.
  • Maximizing uptime through connected equipment and superior
    service for increased customer satisfaction.
  • Analyzing equipment fleet operational and financial performance
    in real-time to identify opportunities for improvement.

By optimizing equipment availability and utilization, our clients can reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and increase revenue.