Logistics Service Providers

Optimize Supply Chain Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction with Sama’s custom Infor Solutions. Collaborate, visualize, and leverage data-driven insights for proactive decision-making. Streamline communication, differentiate with value-added services, and enhance workforce development. Empower your business with comprehensive supply chain visibility and intelligent analytics.

Logistics Service Providers

Unleash the Power of Infor: Elevate your Supply Chain Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

Enhance Decision Making

We help logistics and 3PL organizations worldwide to differentiate themselves by offering innovative, value-added services that help customers run their businesses better. Our solutions include PO and origin consolidation management, globally visible end-to-end control layers, network connectivity for the entire supply chain ecosystem, intelligence-driven insights for tighter and more reliable ETAs, and tailored solutions that provide control over the pace and precision of innovation.

Optimal Supply Chain Performance

Improve your supply chain efficiency and customer satisfaction with Infor’s supply chain visualization and collaboration solutions. With our solutions, you can collaborate and orchestrate with partners to create more value for your customers, develop proactive and prescriptive processes, and leverage data-driven insights to uncover new business opportunities. Enhance your supply chain visibility, accelerate decision-making, and respond quickly to disruptions with our supply chain visualization tools. Use our collaboration solutions to connect with partners and streamline communication, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Gain a competitive edge by optimizing your supply chain operations and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Facilitate Collaboration

To effectively manage talent and workforce development, it’s crucial to leverage data-driven insights. This includes connecting performance with talent and business strategies, using labor management to schedule labor based on skills and resources, and utilizing objective data to identify talent and enhance retention and development. With digital transformation being a key driver of business success, it’s also important to recruit a skilled workforce to support these initiatives.

Enhance Supply Chain Operations

Our software solutions empower companies to leverage data from diverse sources to enhance supply chain operations. With our solutions, businesses can attain a comprehensive overview of global ocean container movements and develop a carrier management program based on carrier scorecards and analysis.