Achieve operational excellence in distribution through holistic management of activities. Our Infor-specific solutions optimize scheduling, cross-docking, and flow-through. Differentiate your business by offering new services like kitting, assembly, and mobile field services with Sama’s custom solutions. Let Sama be your partner in transforming your distribution operations, optimizing customer experiences, and achieving your business goals.


Empowering Distributors: Innovate, Optimize, Excel with Our Solutions

Simplify your Supply Chain

To achieve operational excellence in distribution, it’s important to manage all your activities holistically, whether you’re operating out of a single location or dozens. Our Infor specific custom solutions can help you streamline and optimize your activities, including scheduling, cross-docking, and flow-through.

Adopt Omni-Channel Sales

Our solutions enable distributors to enhance customer loyalty by providing a seamless shopping experience across all channels. Our custom solutions make it possible for customers to buy through their preferred channels, while AI-generated product recommendations help distributors to meet customer needs more precisely.

Leverage Value Added Services

By leveraging Sama’s custom solutions, distributors can differentiate themselves in the market by offering a range of new and updated services to customers. These include kitting, assembly, manufacturing, vending, mobile field services, and repair capabilities.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Increased customer loyalty is critical for the success of any business. With the rise of e-commerce and increasing competition, it’s become increasingly challenging for distributors to retain their customers. Leveraging Sama’s solutions, distributors can provide a seamless shopping experience across channels. Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, driving long-term revenue and profitability.