Baan Consulting Services

Assisting companies maximize their investment in Baan ERP solutions.

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Baan Consulting Services

Dedicated consulting services for Baan IV and Baan V tailored to companies of all sizes and spanning across various industries.

Baan Support Services
Facing challenges with Baan ERP? Reach out to us 24/7/365 to keep your business operations running smoothly. Our skilled and experienced Baan experts troubleshoot issues and provide seamless ERP support. Sama operates across various time zones. Share your IT support requirements in advance, and our managed services will ensure comprehensive Baan coverage for your needs.
Baan Integration
Sama's team of Baan Integration consultants excels in facilitating seamless integration with third-party systems. Our comprehensive services include middleware installation and configuration, ensuring streamlined and efficient business operations. Furthermore, we conduct thorough functionality and performance tests to consistently deliver the expected results.
Baan Data Migration
At Sama, we recognize the paramount importance of effective data migration in the success of your Baan upgrade. Our data migration strategies at Sama guarantee high levels of accuracy, reduce effort, and minimize human errors. In addition to this, our Baan and Infor associate consultants can handle various other critical aspects, such as data scrubbing and cleansing.
Baan Customization Services
Sama's Baan consultants specialize in customizing your Baan IV / Baan V solutions to drive favorable business outcomes. Our team collaborates closely with your in-house team, tailoring various functions and features to achieve desired results. Maintain control over your business operations.
Baan Archiving Services
Sama's Baan archiving services offer comprehensive solutions for managing and optimizing data storage within Baan ERP systems. Our expert team specializes in seamlessly organizing and storing historical data, ensuring efficient system performance and compliance with data retention policies.
Baan Talent Acquisition
Sama's Baan talent acquisition services are renowned in the industry. Our recruiting team collaborates with clients to identify the top talent for their Baan requirements. Leveraging our experience and industry connections, we excel in sourcing Baan and Infor LN professionals with diverse skill sets and relevant experience.

Featured Clients

Sama's Baan Consultants

Sama offers Baan and Infor consultancy across multiple industries. We strive to be your technology partners in achieving numerous milestones.

  • Automotive
  • Construction/Engineering
  • CPG/Retail
  • Distribution
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Aerospace/Defense
  • High Tech/Electronics
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Logistics Service Providers

What our clients are saying...

Simplify Infor LN / CloudSuite upgrades

We possess an unparalleled understanding of Baan and its intricate functionalities, ensuring a seamless transition to Infor LN / CloudSuite. From initial planning and data migration to implementation and ongoing optimization, we provide dedicated support throughout the entire upgrade process.

We navigate through various technical challenges, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal impact on your business. Schedule a consultation with our Baan / Infor LN consulting experts today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. Sama has the knowledge and experience to integrate both Baan IV and Baan V with existing business solutions. We have successfully integrated Baan with other enterprise products using off-the-shelf as well as Infor/Baan specific middleware solutions.

Sama is an experienced Baan consulting company. Our team provides end-to-end Baan services, including

  • Infor LN / CloudSuite implementations and upgrades
  • Baan optimizations
  • Baan customizations
  • Baan integrations
  • Baan support services (technical and functional)
  • Baan training and workshops
  • Baan recruitment services

Sama partners with businesses of all sizes, collaborating closely to identify areas hindering their ability to achieve expected results. Our team conducts a comprehensive audit before recommending Baan integration and/or upgrades. Rest assured, we go above and beyond to propel your business to the next level of success.

Sama’s Baan consultants bring significant value to the table, leveraging their acquired knowledge and hands-on experience across all Baan V / Baan IV modules, including Manufacturing, Distribution, Finance, Projects, and Service.

We excel in customizing Baan IV / Baan V sessions and reports, assisting businesses in achieving their defined goals. Additionally, we effectively troubleshoot day-to-day Baan system bottlenecks and manage upgrades.

Yes, absolutely. Sama has years of experience in migrating Baan IV/Baan V data to Infor LN / Cloudsuite. Our Baan consultants work closely with clients to map out a successful Infor LN implementation journey.

The blueprint includes

Project Scope Definition:

  • Define Scope: Determine which data needs to be migrated (master data, transactions,history, etc.) based on your business requirements.
  • Assess Systems: Analyze both Baan and Infor LN environments, including versions,customizations, and data structures.
  • Choose Data Migration Approach: Select the most suitable method including manual, custom scripts, third-party tools, and Infor’s Exchange Module.

Data Extraction:

  • Extract Data: Use chosen tools or methods to extract relevant data from Baan.
  • Data Cleansing: Cleanse extracted data to remove inconsistencies, duplicates, and invalid entries.

Data Transformation:

  • Map Fields: Map Baan data fields to corresponding fields in Infor LN, considering different data structures and terminologies.
  • Business Logic Transformation: Address any differences in business logic between the two systems using custom scripting or configuration changes.

Data Loading:

  • Test Environment: Validate the data in the Infor LN test system, verifying accuracy, and resolving any technical issues.
  • Production Migration: Execute the data migration to the production environment of Infor LN using selected tools and methods.


  • Validation & Reconciliation: Validate and reconcile migrated data to ensure its accuracy and completeness in the new system.
  • User Training: Train users on the new Infor LN system.

Sama can save you valuable time by doing it on your behalf. Our consultants specialize in Baan to Infor LN migrations.

Sama provides an estimated project budget, considering the scope and complexity of the Baan service. Typical Baan services start from as low as $15,000.